Get your Reno rugs cleaned by our expert carpet cleaners. Using the same process we use to steam clean carpets, we will remove dirt and grime from deep in your rugs. This extends the life of your rugs while also improving their appearance.

Reno rug cleaningWe handle rugs of all shapes, sizes, and types in the Reno-Sparks area. This include large area rugs, Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, wool rugs, silk rugs, and more. Large or small, we can handle it all.

Rugs get the appearance of being worn and dirty from the accumulating dirt in them as well as the damage the dirt does to the fibers – grinding and abrading the fibers. Additionally rugs will collect pollen, dander, and other allergens, as well as bacteria and virus, leaving your home or business a less health place to be. Vacuuming, while required for regular rug maintainence, only cleans the top surface of the rug or carpet, and even then only does an incomplete job lifting only loose debris. A Reno rug cleaning utilizes a high-pressure spray of water and detergent to wash and clean your rug,  removing this grime down to the base of the carpet safely and effectively.

We have a number of additional services available to clean, protect, and improve your rugs as well. Chances are if your rug sees much foot traffic, it will be stained at some point. This might come from food, oil or grease, mud, or a pet having an accident and urinating. We have the tools and cleaning agents to remove most common stains permanently, and it the case of pet urine and some other situations, we can remove odors as well. To prevent or resist future stains from happening, we can also provide Scotchguarding, which seals and protects rug fibers from most stains and liquids.

Contact us today to get your Reno rugs cleaned by the pros.