Have a stain in your Reno carpets, rugs, or upholstery? Let us remove it for you. Our carpet cleaning equipment is capable of removing many stains just by itself with its powerful steam jets, but we also have the latest stain removing agents on the market to safely and effectively remove stains in almost any carpet or upholstery material.

Stains happen – its a fact of life, and stains come from many different sources – pets, children, food and drink, make-up, grease, and more. Generally the sooner you call us to remove a stain, the better. With time, stains can become permanent so effective treatment early is key. However, we have removed stains completely that have been in place for several months or even years.

Our stain removal service can be a stand-alone service without any additional cleaning, or as part of a complete carpet, rug, or upholstery cleaning. When bundled with other services such as carpet cleaning, you can get a significant discount on service though.

Get your Reno-Sparks area stains removed – contact us today to schedule a cleaning appointment.